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Community Mental Health Centers

You can access mental health care near you—no matter which part of Mississippi you call home.

Regional Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) located throughout the state offer  a range of mental health, substance use, and—in some regions—intellectual/developmental disabilities programs. Financial challenges should never keep you from getting the help you need, which is why CMHCs offer a sliding fee scale.

Need some assistance determining which CMHC you should contact? Not sure which programs or services are right for you? Call the DMH Helpline 24/7 at 1-877-210-8513 to connect you with the best resources for your needs.

Help is near. Hope is here.

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Peer Support Services

It’s vital to get connected with mental health professionals who have the expertise to diagnose and treat your mental health condition. There’s also another resource, perhaps not as well known, that can help you on the road to recovery: peer support.

What is peer support?

Simply put, peer support is help from someone who’s been there.

Peer support doesn’t replace doctors or medicine; it complements them.It’s one thing to be told that recovery can happen; it’s quite another to be given the tools to help make it happen from someone who’s stood in your shoes.

To learn more about peer support in Mississippi, read about the Association of Mississippi Peer Support Specialists (AMPSS).

Read here if you’re interested in learning about the training peer support professionals must undergo to be certified by DMH.

Mental Health Mississippi

Mental Health Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Mental Health

Mississippi Department of Mental Health

DMH is supporting a better tomorrow by making a difference in the lives of Mississippians with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and intellectual or developmental disabilities.

AMPSS - Association of Mississippi Peer Support Specialists

AMPSS - Association of Mississippi Peer Support Specialists

Offering support, advocacy and other benefits to our state's peer supporters, including those who are certified, non-certified and volunteers.